Chop Shop Hair Salons



Since 2008


7 Locations in Greater Vancouver


Strong 50's Garage theme
  • The Challenge:
    When our team was asked to work on Chopshop, it was a growing brand with 3 locations. The brand, however, was lacking its creative expression on the corporate website, brand collaterals and interiors.
  • Key Issues:

    Non-optimized website

    Lack of Brand Harmony

    Absence of Architecture and Interior design packs for brand locations

  • Our Catalystic Approach :
    * Brand audit & current situation analysis“The purposes are embedded in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.”

    In the brand audit we interviewed the Daniel, the Founder of Chopshop to better understand the brand DNA. We studied the brand perception from all the different paradigms and drew out the purposes of the brand from within the founder that was already embedded in him.

    * Instilled a Brand Manual

    * Architectural and ID pack

    * Responsive Parallex Website

  • The Results

    Increased website traffic

    Cohesive brand assets throughout all communication channels

    Cohesive interior design & architectural features throughout all locations

    Increase number of locations & franchisees

About Chop Shop

"Chop Shop", the one and only original Rock 'n' Roll Hair Shop, unmistakably brings back clients upon walking into the nostalgia of the popular 50's theme. The salon is known for it's innovative and progressive hair styling, and reached mainstream success being featured on Slice Network in rotation since 2008 "the Chop Shop Show". Located throughout British Columbia with it's corporate store in New Westminster, this reputable business is known for quality hair service with a fun and retro edge. We invite one and all to come to the Chop Shop for a Tune Up, Paint Job, Pin Stripping or the Classic Cut & Chop - let our acclaimed stylists wow you!