What You Need To Know Before You Franchise Your Business

01 —

Training Programs

  • Initial Franchisee Training
  • On-going Franchisee Training
  • Field Support Staff Training
02 —

Quality Control

  • Quality Control
  • A communication system that facilitates a continuing and open dialogue with franchisees
  • A strong management team
03 —

Operations Manuals

  • Easily understood and comprehensive manuals that objectively define high standards
04 —

Site Selection

  • A set of carefully developed site selection criteria
  • While this may be the most difficult criteria to define, it is the most important
  • Success is not only based on the locations you choose, but the locations you don’t
05 —

Market Analysis

  • A genuine understanding of the competition
  • Local Area Marketing Plans
  • A Digital Marketing Plan and analysis
06 —

Franchise Agreements

  • A set of comprehensive legal documents that reflect your company’s business model and operating procedures while balancing the rights and obligations of both Franchisor and Franchisee
07 —

Franchise Disclosure Documents

  • Documents that are prepared and presented in accordance with required provincial laws.
08 —

Fee Structures

  • Initial Franchise Fee, on-going royalties and other revenue sources. Striking the delicate balance between franchisor and franchisee sustainability and profitability.
09 —

Expansion Strategies

  • Local
  • National
  • International
10 —

Franchisee Recruitment and Selection

  • Design and follow an Ideal Franchisee Profile, Acquisition and Screening Program.

You’ll want to be aware of some of the common reasons why Franchisors fail, and AVOID them.

1. Difficulty in attracting qualified franchisees

2. Lack of proper discloser documents and franchise agreements

3. Inadequate compliance systems

4. Failure to provide proper support

5. Complex and inadequate Operations Manual

6. Inadequate site election criteria

7. Lack of a proper screening system for prospective franchisees

8. Unworkable economic relationship with franchisees

9. Lack of effective financial controls

10. Inadequate understanding of the Franchisor/Franchisee relationship

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