Client Woflwich
Category Conceptual Design, Restaurant (Limited Retail)
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Woflwich is a cafe that reimagines the way waffles are prepared, served, and enjoyed. The concept was started by Ralph Misceo and Jo Tortora, who are both in the business of making waffle machines. They saw a splendid opportunity to create a cafe that elevates the way waffles are appreciated through contemporary culinary ideas. With their experience in the food industry, the duo seeks to give Vancouverites a new dining experience that involves delicious and healthy waffles.

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The primary challenge of this project was to create a dining experience that reflects the contemporary culinary ideas of the clients. Having an on-site batter production requires a dedicated station in the kitchen, while countertop appliances at the front work station need enough clearance for cleanliness and efficiency and to avoid cross-contamination. The cafe primarily only serves waffles and coffee, which means there is more emphasis on workflow efficiency and attention to details as these things could get exacerbated when they go awry.

Visually, the cafe needs to have a distinct aesthetic and the design elements need to reflect the concept of an elevated dining experience. Because it is a pioneer in this area of food retail, Woflwich needs to make sure that the cafe reads as a complete whole while introducing novelty and freshness.

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Detailed analyses and scenario building exercises were conducted to assess the best way to organize the appliances, equipment, and ingredients for creating both savoury and sweet waffles. Spaces for food display are strategically located along the counter to provide customers with a visual guide to the different ways the waffles are served. The counter and work station are basically the focal point of the whole layout, and everything else flows around it. Additionally, the work station needs to be flexible and adaptable to different locations, which could influence the maximum number of customers the cafe can serve.

Drawn from different design languages, several schemes were developed to achieve the most suitable aesthetics and efficient workflow. This exploration concluded in combining craftsman style and colonial architecture as the primary visual identity for the cafe, as they harken to the waffles' historical background without being literal in its interpretation. Through this combination, the cafe exudes an atmosphere of calm luxury manifested by a monochromatic scheme, tall and inviting windows, and careful application of textures and patterns.

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