Pacific Poke Restaurant

Client Pacific Poke Restaurant
Category Interior Renovation, Restaurant (Limited Retail)
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Pacific Poke is the brainchild of two best friends who have a passion for food and business. They first encountered this Hawaiian dish in California on a business trip, which inspired them to create chef-driven West Coast poke using ingredients that are more local and closer to home. Pacific Poke provides a variety of flavourful bowls while allowing their customers to build their own.

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This location of Pacific Poke is on Commercial Drive, which is a very vibrant neighbourhood known for its Italian heritage but is also home to several establishments of other ethnic origins. Despite the diversity of the neighbourhood as an asset, Pacific Poke needed to carve a niche for itself and draw in both local and outside customers.

The narrow width and rectangular configuration of the site posed a challenge in juxtaposing 15 seats with the prep tables and counter. Hallway width, access to the back exit, and entry to the universal bathroom further limited the furniture layout and their locations.

Creating a smooth flow of customers as they come in and out of the restaurant was also a major challenge because of the narrow width. Organizing the kitchen equipment while generating a sensible workflow in the back was a primary concern so as not to waste any space. Producing a compact layout for both the front and back of the house was the impetus for designing the interior of Pacific Poke.

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In response to the relatively small footprint of the restaurant, white and light-toned colours were used on the walls, furniture and furnishings, cabinetry and other materials throughout the interior. These colours visually expand the space and avoid the sentiment of being confined in a tiny room. Furthermore, white and light tones help to focus the attention on the company's brand colours and the primary design element.

Triangular metal elements create an abstract wave pattern on the walls and ceiling that serve as a focal point for the whole interior. As these elements undulate, they remind the customers of the ocean and the fresh ingredients that the restaurant uses in their poke bowls.

An efficient flow that avoids creating a bottleneck was another concern. This is achieved through a linear progression of activities, which is dictated by the steps in creating the bowls and customized orders. The layout of the ingredients in the refrigerated prep tables also reflects this progression of activities, which helps to avoid confusion among the staff.

Maximizing the space is realized by providing the minimum allowable clearances for hallways, distances between furniture, and cabinet width and depth. This approach helps to accomplish two things: maximum seating and efficient flow of staff and customers.

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